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SAVEWOOD is a major Russian producer and supplier of decking, siding, decorative fencing, railing systems, stairs, multipurpose planks, various accessories and components out of wood-polymer composite (WPC). Full range of our products has exceptional quality as we use modern technologies of chemical industry, which is confirmed by numerous tests performed by A.N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of Russian Academy of Sciences (INEOS RAS). The products are manufactured in accordance with international standards and industrial safety standards. 1 500 000 linear meters per year, 3 000 tons per year – these figures fully reflect the scale of our company’s capacities. We are focused on our customers and partners and are always happy to help in solving any problems! For more information about the availability of goods in the warehouse, as well as to clarify the issues of interest or to obtain advice, feel free to contact our managers.

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What is
Wood-Polymer Composite (WPC)?

Special Additives
PVC plastic
Wood pulp

What is WPC? WPC is a construction material of new generation. WPC consists of 60% wood and 40% plastic (PVC) with addition of special additives. Many of you have already met this material on consumer level. Besides decking it is used in production of siding, decorative fencing, fencing systems, stairs, benches, garden-beds, flower-gardens and many more. What is the difference between wood-polymer composite and wood? Products from WPC do not need further maintenance and processing, in contrast to wood. WPC is water resistant, does not support combustion, is resistant to temperature changes and fading, is not prone to decay and parasites, prevents mold and fungus from forming. Ideal solution for those who prefer to “buy and forget.” Choose quality and economy in the long run.

WPC FeaturesWhat do they produce from WPC?

WPC feautures

It is fire-safe, does not burn and is not a source of flame. Complies with European standards


Moisture Resistant
Recommended for outdoor use, does not absorb moisture


Environmentally friendly and absolutely safe material


    Easy to install
    You yourself can mount our material, having a minimum of building skills


    Ideal visual performance
    Over time ordinary wood loses its qualities and appearance, while WPC stays looking new


    Not exposed to pests
    The material from WPC is resistant to the damaging effects of woodworms, fungi and parasites


    You need advice on installation, you need to make a calculation, want to order 3D visualization or samples? For any question related to our services or after-sales service, you can contact us by e-mail or use the feedback form.

    Our projects

    Most of the completed projects and 3D-visualizations can be found in relevant sections
    Projects3D Galery
    Fazenda. Private house Terrace
    Fazenda. Two colour decking in summerhouse
    TV Show – “Countryside solutions”. Riverside Terrace
    WPC siding in Restaurant interior
    WPC Ventilated Facade (Cladding), walkable roof and stairs
    Terrace around the pool and river quay.
    FAZENDA. Decking in gazebo.
    FAZENDA. Decking around grill-house

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